customised to meet your unique needs


WiCK provides a range of people development services to individuals as well as small and large enterprises. We focus on understanding the needs of our clients before developing a solution, together.

A selection of the services we provide can be found below. A portfolio of career management services is also provided by WiCK Consultants under the auspices of Audrey Page and Associates – an Australian market leader with 30 years experience assisting companies to plan and implement effective career strategies for employees.

Our vision, mission and values are integral to the services we provide and the way they are provided:

Our Vision

To give people around the world the opportunity to live their potential.

Our Mission

To equip individuals, teams and organisations with the knowledge, skills and tools to grow to be their best.

Our Values

  • Communicating effectively
  • Aspiring to success
  • Knowledge and life-long learning
  • Excellent and responsive service
  • Innovation and initiative in finding solutions
  • Trust and respect in everything we do


Our company is 3 years young!
It takes its name from Wick, a small fishing village in the north-east of Scotland, the birthplace of Barbara’s  ancestors. It also provides the first letters of the four pillars that represent the essential foundations for success of individuals, teams and organisations:

W: Well-being
I: Integrity
C: Communication
K: Knowledge


WiCK Consulting prides itself on providing excellent service and a customised approach to each and every client.

WiCK can tailor a program to meet a client’s needs regardless of whether the focus is on the individual, the team, or the entire organisation.

We offer services in five main ways:

  • Learning programs for small groups/teams to enhance performance – improving resilience, effective communication, leadership development, capacity building, cultural and organisational change. WiCK employs experiential learning approaches to ensure sustained results.
  • Career management (APA) for individuals and companies (outplacement and transition planning, retirement planning, expatriate careers, career audit, communication coaching, career explorer, parents with careers).
  • Consulting in the areas of people development, performance enhancement, change management, strategic planning, governance, small business development.
  • Coaching for performance – executives and individuals.
  • Facilitation and evaluation for planning, review and other group decision-making processes.


Our evidence-based approach to training and development draws from neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness paradigms.

We have expertise in the following areas of consulting:

WiCK Consultants all have recent experience as senior executives in industry, the public service and as teachers in higher education.  You can read more about our team here.