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We know that every individual and every workplace is different, so we tailor our courses to meet your needs.

Our work is based on contemporary research, that explores the science of mind and body.  All our sessions are endorsed and supported by a Medical Doctor.

All courses employ experiential approaches to learning. They are enjoyable and fun so as to embed learning and sustain results. Often learning opportunities are enhanced by follow-up coaching to allow reflection and translation of learning.

The following selection of courses highlight our range and capacity.

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Altitude with Attitude

Altitude with Attitude workshop

 Chiefly Alice Springs Resort

 Barbara Baikie

Tuesday 27 May 2014

9.00 – 12.30

 Effective Leadership in Complex Times

Conscious Leadership from within

 In this workshop you will gain skills to assist you to:

  • Identify and develop your leadership style in line with your personal values and beliefs
  •  Learn to lead yourself and others with courage, integrity and resilience
  •  Recognize, develop to work within and with a variety of leadership styles, gender, equity  & cultural differences
  •  Inspire and influence others through being your authentic self
  •  Develop an action plan to move forward

COST: Early bird before 12.5.14  $95.00 + GST

Book after 12.5.14 $120.00 + GST

HOW: email barbara@wickconsulting.com.au

Call 0419 477 959 or 02 6230 2210

NEW COURSE: HEAL & GROW – Taking Control to Improve your Health and Well-being

This new series of worksops is for you if you find daily life a challenge, you could do with some help, your are juggling competing demands, have been diagnosised with a significant illness or you are navigating your way to recovery. 

  • Recognise the value and the importance of self-care – mind, body and spirit.
  • Identify components of well-being and how you can achieve it
  • Be motivated to care for yourself
  • Understand that you do have choices
  • Learn how to relax and be calm
  • Balancing priorities, day by day
  • Develop your own well-being pathway with achievable goals and practical actions

We keep the groups small to maximise benefits for individuals.  In addition to the group sessions, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions to support and reinforce your learning.



We all have lives that are busy and full. We are constantly juggling competing priorites and feel  that we are stretched too thinly.  This stress can have a detrimental effect on our health.  Do we make the most of our available time?

  • Stressors – the positive and the negative
  • Understand the science of your mind/body response to stressful events and situations
  • Practice skills to manage your physiological and behavioural response to stress
  • Prioritsing your limited time
  • Gain an understanding of different personality types
  • Develop an action plan to better manage your time and minimse stress.


Getting the balance right as a leader in a multi-professional environment.

  • Leading versus managing
  • Authentic leadership
  • Balancing leadership and followership
  • Building a culture of engagement
  • Developing leadership capabilities and self-worth
  • Coaching & mentoring for individual and organisational performance
  • Succession planning and nurturing
  • Dealing with dysfunctional leaders and followers


Resilience is critical in this fast paced world.  While some people are naturally more resilient than others, everyone can build their capacity to bounce back by  gaining new knowledge and learning new skills.

Having completed this workshop, it is believed that participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of what is meant by resilience and its role in work and life
  • Identify stressors and their impact on self and others
  • Develop a greater regard for the role of mind and body wellbeing in building individual and team resilience to stress
  • Gain awareness of strategies to build resilience – mindfulness, caring relationships, fun and laughter, emotional intelligence, good physical health and positive attitude
  • Have greater confidence in themselves to tackle change and weather difficult times
  • Be able to select a tool from an armoury of resilience tips and tricks to help self and others recover more readily from disappointment and unexpected change


Building engagement, enjoyment, good health and productivity among your professional team.

  • What defines a productive team?
  • What is coaching?
  • Why coach?
  • How to coach?
  • Clarifying and respecting roles
  • Building a team approach to problem solving
  • Inculcating a coaching mindset


Prioritising and synthesising knowledge from a wide range of information inputs and sources.

  • Knowledge management
  • The ‘world’ of information
  • Setting goals
  • Being realistic about what you can achieve in the context you work in
  • Finding your way (the law of diminishing returns)
  • Tools to navigate
  • Tools to prioritise
  • Reducing the burden
  • Extracting the gold!


Are you unsure how to move forward and create the life you want? Are you ready to live and work differently? Do you need to lead others through change? Are you faced with a major crossroads? Learn skills to creatively manage change.

  • Develop an understanding of different personality types and how to build strong healthy relationships & effective internal partnerships
  • Understand what keeps you strong, resilient and focused
  • Understand the importance of effective communication
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Build effective actions plans
  • Develop strategies to have a strong, positive, committed, and high functioning team